Hi, I'm Emmanuel.

Me in 10 seconds

I initially studied Mathematics in the Ecole Polytechnique, but then went to work in business (for the Boston Consulting Group).


After a Master at Harvard Kennedy School, I went and worked for the United Nations in Germany, Lebanon and Kenya for four years. You can read about my work here. I'm now starting a new job for an AI-based startup in London.   

In short, you might say I have a nonlinear career path, and you would be right. I see my life's purpose as experiencing a varied life to better to better capture some of it in writing. Plus, I love change

I use this website to share some of my readings and learnings. Most of it is about emotional intelligence and self-awareness. The common theme is that we are not the well-oiled machine we like to think we are, and that small things can influence us much more than we think. 

People tell me I am analytical, a bit into my own world, and that I overthink things. I've come to consider those things as my own way of engaging with the world.


List of books and podcasts that inspired me.


Some of my most recent writing.

What am I doing now? 

See my now page. 


You can reach me at emmanuel.sevrin@gmail.com, and on Twitter.